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How to Fold the Winged Peak Pocket Square

About the Winged Peak Pocket Square

The Winged Peak is an angular fold reminiscent of the single peak but coupled with rich curves. The folds that meet in the center accentuate the tonal values of the fabric, especially in silks.

The Winged Peak Folding Instructions

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
  • 1. Begin with the pocket square face down and in the diamond position
  • 2. Fold in half horizontally from the top to bottom
  • 3. Fold the right corner down to the bottom peak
  • 4. Fold the left corner down to the bottom peak
  • 5. Fold the right edge toward the center
  • 6. Fold the left edge to the center
  • 7. Fold the bottom up and behind the front. Adjust to fit the size of your jacket pocket.
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